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EHS for Construction FAQs

EHS in construction includes safety trainings, employee wellbeing, OSHA compliance, safety managers, environmental impacts, and more.

A safety audit consists of reviewing the current safety program in place, the job site itself, and all actions taken to prevent injury. These audits can call out hazards to prevent injuries and non-compliance.

Absolutely. Having someone on site familiar with the ins and outs of potential hazards and compliance violations will reduce your chances of having those issues.

There are many risks associated. From OSHA & EPA fines, to incidents like a severed limb, to fatalities, there are many hazards that require the trained eye of an EHS Professional to call out hazards and help provide remedies.

OSHA Compliance Training FAQs

Sign up on YellowBird today and post a Job for your OSHA Class! We’ll match you in as little as two hours to an OSHA Authorized Trainer to get your employees up to speed.

Your hands on workers are most likely the ones who need to be trained. Training and other regulations vary by industry and employee’s tasks. Call YellowBird today to determine what OSHA training is needed for your organization.

YellowBird has licensed trainers available to provide a variety of OSHA classes and certifications in both English and Spanish.