YellowBird Insurance Consultants

While EHS Consulting Services have their own broad range of topics, industries, niche skills, certifications and more, the insurance industry can benefit in a variety of ways from EHS Services. Whether it’s a training & certification program to help bring down a client’s rates or a loss prevention visit to help your client achieve best practices, our YellowBird EHS Professionals can help.

Through our platform, we can help you with all of your Environmental, Health and Safety needs. By putting in place risk management procedures, your operation can avoid the need for serious safety help. Our Professionals are available on demand for as little as a couple hours to as long as you need! Whether it’s a proactive or reactive service, we can help you address any additional issues seen while on site.

For Brokers

Insurance brokers specializing in policies including but not limited to general liability, professional liability, property insurance, workers' compensation, among others, may require certain EHS services to write their policies.

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PEOs handle many aspects of a company’s business but when it comes to Worker’s Compensation Claims, they can get tricky. Whether a claims investigation or helping minimize risk to prevent future claims, YellowBird Professionals are up to the challenge!

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Insurance Companies require a variety of services based on particular policies. Some services we can provide include Loss Prevention Visits, OSHA Safety Audits, Claims Investigation, Mock OSHA inspection to drive Xmod down or just general risk management, our Pros can help your customers succeed!

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EHS for Insurance FAQs

To understand the risk in your customer’s workplace and mitigate that risk.

We understand time is of the essence. YellowBird strives to have Professionals on site within days as opposed to weeks or months with traditional staffing models.

You have clients all over the country and it can be difficult, slow and expensive to get your own inspectors with the right certifications and experience in the right location at the right time. Speed is important and YellowBird has hundreds of Pros across the country to get the right fit every time and in a timely manner.

We have pros who live and work in each state and are familiar with local and state regulations to ensure compliance.