YellowBird General Safety Consultants

Environmental, Health, and Safety Services are something every company needs, regardless of how big or small the company may be. Varying from industry to industry, at the bare minimum, every company should have a Safety Plan in place to protect their employees. While the needs remain top of mind, companies don’t always have the budget for a full time EHS Professional. And that’s where YellowBird can help.

YellowBird is an online marketplace that simply and easily connects Environmental Health and Safety Professionals with businesses on-demand. Our vetting process ensures the deep roster of nationwide professionals are interviewed, background checked, insured, and certified so they are ready to perform when needed. YellowBird uses technology to save companies 25% and match professionals with projects 15X faster than traditional consultants or staffing agencies.

Site Safety Manager

Whether for a day, a week, a month, or longer, YellowBird Professionals can step in as a Safety Manager to enforce regulations to maintain compliance, review health and safety guidelines with employees through toolbox talks, and much more!

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The OSHA30 is a course tailored to the Construction Industry for comprehensive OSHA safety training programs. The program provides complete information on OSHA compliance issues for a variety of roles in the construction industry!

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A Mock OSHA Inspection helps you identify workplace safety and health hazards that need remedying to make sure your company follows OSHA's rules and regulations.

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OSHA10 covers general safety and health hazards for entry-level workers.

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Fall Protection Training helps workers identify possible fall hazards to minimize the number of incidents.

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Before starting construction, you’ll want to complete an environmental assessment to ensure that all environmental impacts have been identified, estimated, and evaluated.

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EHS for General Industry FAQs

Yes! Each industry has their own set of EHS standards and regulations in addition to various government regulations on their industry (ex OSHA, EPA, FDA, etc).

The industries that are most at risk for EHS incidents are Construction, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Health Services. Each industry has its own risks and EHS service needs based on the nature of work.

Want to improve but not sure where to start? Hire a YellowBird Risk Management or EHS Professional to help you build your EHS plan.

The core disciplines of the EHS Industries are Occupational Hazards, Environmental Hazards, and Employee Training.